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Learn the classical guitar with repertoire of the finest guitar composers ( Ferdinando Carulli, Mauro Giuliani Fernando Sor, Francisco Tárrega, Manuel M. Ponce, Leo Brouwer, Simone Iannarelli, Roland Dyens etc), and enjoy while you play the music of the Renaissance, Baroque, Classical Period, Romantic, Nationalism and Contemporary, among others...

All ages and levels are welcome:

Young children (7+) and teenagers (Beginners, intermediate and advanced)

Intermediate/advanced students -- Pre-college guitarists considering majoring in music  are invited to an intensive and thorough preparation for auditions.

Adult students -- Adults looking to refresh their skills or to learn a new instrument are welcome.

“ It is never too soon or too late to start guitar lessons”

Benefits in guitar lessons:
  • Promotes concentration
  • Motor and auditory skills
  • Develop discipline
  • Express Emotion
  • Personal confidence, patience, self-control, problem solving
  • Enjoy the beauty of music through classical guitar.